My teaching career has been geared towards the empowerment of elementary school children. I have a strong passion to educate young minds and help them blossom into well rounded, responsible, and successful individuals.

Salary, although important, is just a single factor in choosing a lifelong career that will be a part of not only me, but my community. What’s more important is choosing an occupation and career that allowed me to utilize my talents, abilities and past experiences to benefit others, more specifically, the urban community. Making a difference in what I do to affect others in a positive way is important to me and is the driving force behind my past and future achievements.

I have ideas that keep me up at night waiting for someone to help them materialize. I have questions, that I know with the right amount of effort and diligence can be answered. I’m committed to the idea that all children can achieve. It’s an invigorating spirit that comes from within and the only way to to keep it is to give it away. I am in forever debt to the educators and mentors in my life that bestowed it upon me.

I have a simple idea that one day I can bestow it upon one of my scholars, if I haven’t done so already.


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